Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What do I love about life? By ME

God is whatever is good and Devil is whatever is bad. It can be any religion, any person, anything you want to create those are. Some say it is evil to eat meat, others say it is good. Some say it is good to serve others, and then others say it is the highest moral good to serve your own self.

I go through life believing in almost everything and everyone. I believe in Dec 21, 2012. I believed in the days to come. I believed in channelers. I believed in all the books I read. I know some feel good. I know others say feelings- are not an accurate gauge for anything. I can say I am a fully spiritual person. I believe in everything. I believe in imagination and its powers. I know telepathy. I know how to do it. Its so natural to me now, I have forgotten how far I have come. I take it for granted. Tolstoy used to sit and have imaginary conversations with his friends every night, talking out loud to nobody, wrote his maid. I probably have spoken to you, if you are reading this. I probably already have. If not, I am now.  Hello. I see you.

I have been doing intuitive shopping. Its this thing I invented. I wonder if its a thing? Where I walk into a mall or grocery store...I get the first thing my eyes fall upon, and I do not think or overthink anything. Usually I would put something like that back, because you ruin it when you think..but this time, I always get it. I find if I do not get whatever this thing is, it haunts me during the week later, because that was something I really really needed. SO I have proved it.

I have changed so much in a year. I have become someone completely different. I have been injected with purpose. I have traveled millions of light years. I have become so much better. I have realized sensations and feelings. I have become aware of fantasies. I have asked for success and I have gotten it. I know exactly things now, I couldnt even grasp for decades into all my past life. I have grown. I have gotten revenge by success, on all my past. I have known beauty. I have pondered on sweet pain. I have missed my parents and my childhood blissfully. Thank you Sri Yantra. Whatever you are, I have seen so much in my minds eye because of you. I have been blessed with knowing where my thoughts come from. I know what it is I want and my greatest mission.

I know I feel love and I feel mad passion. I do. I feel passion. I have energy. I am slender. I am perfect. I am strong. I have access to higher energies. I am a fountain of free energy. I feel myself swinging and manifesting things easy. But they are complex desires, and under my feet, I feel reality changing to fit my new frame of mind. Almost like a movie scene. Its folding in on itself, to fit my new mind. I am full aware of my powers now. I have accessed something, and I can never turn back to being in darkness again. I can now see. I know exactly what the guy who built Coral Castle was doing. I don't know how he did it, but I know how he got the answer. That feat, is not my desire. I am skyrocketing into a new me. I know what I want. I have been radiating it for a while now. I see the proof. I am feeling. I am loving. I know how to love. And I know I want others to love me. I know this. I know I want you to love me. It is so important, to feel this. What you want.

I feel so good. I feel like the future is in my hands. The world is at my feet. I am waiting for the ships to come in, with the earth in my hand. I am. Its coming. I do not know how. I know what I want. I do. Its you.

That which I seek, seeks me. Surely others have a use for me? I can fulfill? Someone has a need I can help them with. Things I seek, I am sought after as well...just with the same desire. Surely others are attracting me to them? New Friends. New things, new games, newness. FRESHNESS. In life.

Someone must need me pretty bad. I must be valuable to someone. I can be very useful and helpful to maybe someone around me? Surely someone has a desire that includes me in the plan? I cannot just be floating in space rocketing myself around?

Surely, someone loves me?

I have to be perfect all the time. I do. I have to just be a perfect version of whatever is expected, all the time. I have to go beyond what is comfortable. I have to out do and over do. I have to shock. I have to say hello. I have to announce myself and be my own manager and be my own fan and be my own admirer. This is what life is all about. Going after our desires. And my desire is to be perfect. My desire it to be with GOODNESS. To be with WHAT IS RIGHT.

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