Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sweet Miso Dressing Raw Vegan

Raw Vegan Salad Dressing SWEET MISO, greens from my garden and corn from the Organic Coop 50 cents sale.


Great probiotic raw drink locally made- so great my nailpolish flies off.

Juicing helper, spearmint from outside, it grows wild.

RAW OATMEAL that has not been heat processed, I soaked overnight the grains, to sprout, and made RAW OAT MILK 

Spiralized Zucchini with Raw Basil Pesto

I had a good week. I went to the mall today and spent two hours and half by myself walking around. I got a red dress. I got some goji berries from GNC. It was so much fun. Jamba Juice was there. I just walked up and down and went into all the shops.

 I seen adult coloring books and I wanted one. 
Adult coloring books are to de stress, and they are mandalas and geometric patterns and really weird artistic ones with cool illustrations... to color in. I wanted so bad. But I knew if I got the book, I would never be able to keep it for myself. There were metallic coloring pencils there too. WOW.

I feel fine I feel good. I am a little skinny. That is great. Finally. Tomorrow I will be making a raw vegan quinoa tabbouleh from MK's book. I am soaking the quinoa now.

My Sproutman. RIP.

I am going to the cacao festival this weekend. I am so happy.

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