Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who wrote this, did I?

Being a fruitarian means many things. It can mean eating only raw fruit. Or it could mean making fruit the main thing one eats. A vegetarian does not only eat vegetables nor should a fruitarian eat only fruit. To others it coould mean sweet fruit or non sweet fruits added. Non sweet fruits are fruits like squashes and tomatoes. Fruit is anything with seeds. Some people call a
coconut a fruit, others call it a nut. This is pretty basic stuff. Fruitarianism as a way of life is practiced by many. Part time, full time, as fasting or as a cleansing. Some do it to heal themselves of cancer, like Johanna Brandt who wrote the Grape Cure.
There are many books out there written by fruitarians. 10, 15, 20 year fruitarians. Some are down to earth, others are spiritual.
It is not easy to do this, to eat only fruit. One has to slay many dragons and deal with mortality, and the illnesses one has aquired all through their lives before doing this. One has to deal with cravings. Social situation, dates, coworkers, friends. You might feel alienated or you might feel more normal than ever before. You will lose weight and keep it off for good. All of it. You will have to deal with bland supermarket fruit at times.
Nothing like fruitarian euphoria. Nothing like it. The taste of perfectly ripe fruit on a day where nothing else exists but that heaven in your mouth. It happens and it feels so awesome. it will put you in a good mood for days.

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