Monday, January 23, 2012

Fruitarian meditation

I meditated on the word FRUITARIAN for as long as I could Felt like forever. In the dark, sitting on a blanket. My eyes closed. When I saw the word, I got all sorts of wonderful feelings. I was uplifted. I felt energy flow up my spine and out my head. When not stopped by thoughts. What a great thing to be, very high. Very high frequency a fruitarian is. That is why its kind of hard to be one at first. Everything must change. One must be very clean. So clean you are able to travel in your mind to high places, where you are free. Its a beautiful word. Its very angelic almost.

Anyways, what I am sure is easier, if you write the word, whatever you want to focus on, on a piece of paper. Doesnt have to be fruitarian. Could be whatever you want to be. And stare at the piece of paper, go over each line in your head. Trace it in your mind. You can do this up to an hour. Just focus on the word, and nothing else. Your mind becomes that word and you lose your thoughts. You become that thing. Its so freeing.

I am just saying it really might help you, if you want to be 811 or raw or whatever. Because words are so packed with meaning. And you feel eevry meaning when you focus on the word. Almost you work thru every thought on it. You might even work thru your blockages.

We are spirit, we have imagination and we can be anything we want to be. Literally, when we do this. Words have so much power.

I hope this helps someone. You can play music too, and when music finishes you stop.
I went thru all my memories of what I have on that word. I saw the old fruitarian message board logo with apple bite. I saw Anne. I mostly felt alot of high emotions. I had no idea how much respect I have for those who are truly fruitarian, or 811. Who do it right and are successful. You guys really are on to something. I swear this is the future

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